Windows are an essential element of your home's aesthetic appeal. If you are moving into a neighborhood of cookie-cutter homes and want to make your house stand out from others in the area, you should consider investing in customized windows. You do not have to sacrifice energy efficiency or other practical features, as window installers can use state-of-the-art glass, even in unique window designs. In fact, you have a wealth of customization options when it comes to designing residential windows that are beautiful and provide security.

Decorative Glass

You do not have to spend a fortune on stained glass to obtain beautiful windows with distinctive designs. Window suppliers offer patterned glassed featuring decorations in abstract and nature-based themes. It does not matter if you are replacing a small fixed window above your main entryway or floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook your property, you can order decorative glass in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Another alternative to stained or etched windows designs is glass appliques for flat panes. These easy-to-install products are carefully applied to windows to give the appearance of traditional stained glass. Appliques look liked leaded glass and also include UV protection.

You can install appliques yourself as a DIY project or, if you are nervous about making a mess and incorrectly measuring windows, you can hire a professional window installer to perform the task.

Custom Shapes

If you truly want your windows to be different than any other home on your block, you should work with a window installer to design custom-shaped panes and frames. You can install custom sizes and shapes from arches to trapezoids with multiple grids separating sealed panes.

The design options for custom-shaped windows are endless and vinyl windows enable you to choose from a variety of colors and finishes to match your home's architecture and exterior color scheme.

Custom windows are also available in a variety of styles including slider, hung, awning or casement. In addition, you can design custom bay and bow windows that are perfect for sitting areas providing abundant natural light for interiors.

Noise Control

If your current windows do not adequately block noise from outdoors, you can replace them with custom units with sound control features. Older and single pane windows may not offer enough dampening to drown out the sounds of neighborhood kids playing or vehicles driving by your home.

Thick aluminum frames and dense, laminated glass can keep unwanted noise from infiltrating your home. These reinforced windows can deaden sounds and are hermetically sealed.

You can order custom noise control windows in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your existing frames. High-quality noise control windows are factory-assembled, tested in a lab and come with a warranty.

If you live near an airport, train tracks or a busy street, installing noise control windows can help to improve your quality of life. Furthermore, you can stop using fans and white noise machines to drown out loud sounds from outdoors when you are trying to get a good night's rest.

Security and Privacy

When you live in a busy, urban area or a neighborhood with houses that are close to each other, you may worry about the security of your windows and preserving your privacy. If you want to keep nosy passersby from staring into your windows or heighten your home's security, consider installing windows with privacy features. Options for enhancing privacy include:

  • Frosted windows
  • Decorative films
  • Semi-metallic film
  • Window tinting

For the ultimate in privacy, you can opt for blackout films to cover windows or individual panes. Decorative films also increase your home's energy efficiency by blocking out UV rays. You can purchase privacy film to install on existing windows. However, if you are ordering brand new units, the window installer can apply the film to windows during installation.

For more information, contact a local glass repair and installation company.